Buildables are much like LEGO Universe's Quickbuilds. They are piles of bricks that you can interact with to build something. After a certain amount of time (the exact amount depends on what is being built) the Buildable self-destructs and returns to its original state as a pile of bricks. Most Buildables are in static locations, but some are deployed by using an item. Although most Buildables require Amorphous Bricks, some, such as the deployable one used to build the Glider Launcher that allows you to get off of Drake Isle, do not.


Health - Armor - Creativity
Headgear - Neck Gear - Shirts - Pants - Weapons - Left-Hand Items - Sparks
Worlds - Glider(Glider Launcher) - Smashables - Buildables - Enemies - Smashing

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