The Enchanter is a Aura Division specialty mostly built around traps.


Rank 1Edit


Rank 1 Enchanter concept.

  • Enchanter's Headgear 1 (1 Armor, 2 Creativity)
  • Enchanter's Wand 1 (3 Creativity)
  • Enchanter's Shirt 1
  • Enchanter's Pants (1 Armor)

Rank 2Edit


Rank 2 Enchanter concept.

  • Enchanter's Headgear 2
  • Enchanter's Wand 2
  • Enchanter's Orb 2
  • Enchanter's Cloak 2
  • Enchanter's Shirt 2
  • Enchanter's Pants 2

Rank 3Edit


Rank Three Enchanter concept.

  • Enchanter's Headgear 3
  • Enchanter's Wand 3
  • Enchanter's Orb 3
  • Enchanter's Cloak 3
  • Enchanter's Shirt 3
  • Enchanter's Pants 3



Spark Ignition: Release a burst of Creativity that restores the health of nearby players. | Effect Strength: 2 hearts (R1) 3 hearts (R2) 4 hearts (R3) | Cost: 4 Creativity


Magical Reinforcement: Use Creativity to reinforce the armor of nearby Minifigures. | Effect strength: 4 armor (R1) 6 armor (R2) 8 armor (R3) | Cost: 3 Creativity


Creativity Trap: Infuse a small area of ground with volatile Creativity, causing it to explode when an enemy steps on it. Has a small AoE. | Damage: 2 (R1) 3 (R2) 5 (R30 | Cost: 4 Creativity


Storm Trap: Create a small storm cloud over an area, immobilizing the first enemy that walks under it and does 3 damage to it. | Effect length: 2 seconds (R2) 5 seconds (R3) | Cost: 5 Creativity


Crystal Trap: Use the power of Creativity to create a trap made from Power Crystal. Immobilizes and damages the first enemy that touches it and sends out 4 damaging shards. Rank 3 only.

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